When You’re Hurt in an Accident, Find the Information You Need to Move Forward

Our blog offer Texas accident victims the information they need now. Read our posts to learn more about your rights and options after you’ve suffered injuries because of someone else’s careless behavior. Find out what a legal case can mean for you and your family and learn more about how our experienced Bedford injury attorneys can help.

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  • Don’t Sizzle This Summer Texas summers are no joke. Heat safety is incredibly important, especially for those who work outside. Here are some tips to help you beat the heat in...
  • Smartphone Sleepwalking Injuries and deaths among walkers distracted by their cell phones have spiked. Avoid becoming a statistic by learning more about ways keep your focus.
  • Returning to Work Following the Pandemic As more of the population gets vaccinated, many workers are returning to the office. By practicing the recommended preventative actions, employers can...
  • Negligence Explained In order to be successful with your personal injury claim, there are four elements in proving negligence. We break them down here.
  • Dangers of Defective Drugs Side effects caused by taking a defective drug can in some cases be more debilitating than the condition that led to the prescription or treatment.
  • Ins and Outs of the Attorney-Client Connection Here is what you should expect from your personal injury lawyer and what your lawyer expects from you during the personal injury case process.
  • Weathering the Texas Snow Storm Following the record-setting winter storm in Texas, many were left with damage to their homes & concerns about what's covered under their homeowner’s insurance.
  • Truth Be Told: The Importance Of Being Honest With Your Lawyer An injury case is about getting you what is owed for your suffering. That’s why you must be honest with your attorney about the details of your accident.
  • Ways to Help Texas The entire state of Texas hit hard with powerful winter storms this week that brought below freezing temperatures, power outages, water issues and SO much more.
  • Social Media and Your Personal Injury Case The information that you share on social media could sink your personal injury case. Attorney Brad Parker explains what not to do on social platforms.