Warning Patients That Are Medically Unfit To Drive Decreases Traffic Accidents

Doctor WarningsWhen doctors warn their patients that they are medically unfit to drive it lowers the patient’s involvement in traffic accidents by 45 percent. A new study shows that when a doctor makes an official report that their patient suffers from a medical condition, or whose driving skills are impaired due to conditions of aging, that patient will be involved in fewer accidents per year compared to a patient who has not received such a warning.

Driving Privileges Could Be Revoked For Medical Necessity

Doctors are compelled to make reports to States when they believe a patient should have their driving privileges revoked due to medical necessity. Unfortunately, doctors make very few of those reports and patients end up causing unnecessary accidents. In order to increase the number of doctors reporting patients, one Canadian province has begun paying doctors for reporting unfit drivers. The Ontario government pays doctors $36 for each patient they report on, and as a result, approximately 10 to 30 percent of the drivers go on to see their license suspended.

If you have loved ones in your life who may be unfit to drive, talk to them about the dangers they could be creating for both themselves and the drivers around them. 

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