December 2014 Texas Truck Accident Report

Truck AccidentTwenty-eight major truck wrecks occurred in Texas over the month of December. Of those wrecks, nine were fatal accidents that left twelve dead, while others left many in critical condition. Numerous cars and trucks were damaged as a result of these accidents. The following are the most serious of the accidents that occurred in the month of December.

18-Wheeler Drifts and Causes Accident

December 1, 2014—Hill County, TX: A 51-year-old woman was killed after she was hit by an 18-wheeler Sunday night while she was pulled off to the shoulder of I-35. She got out of the truck and was walking to the front of the vehicle, when trooper Wilson reports an 18-wheeler drifted onto the improved shoulder and hit Alonzo, killing her instantly. The 18-wheeler did not stop, and authorities are still looking for the driver, but have no description of the 18-wheeler.

Tractor Trailer Catches Fire in Harrison County

December 2, 2014—Harrison County, TX: Harrison County sheriff’s deputies have confirmed that a man is dead after being struck by an 18-wheeler on I-20 near Waskom and Scottsville, Texas. Deputies say an 18-wheeler caught fire on I-20 Tuesday morning, and the driver got out of the vehicle to check on the fire. The driver was then struck by another 18-wheeler. Deputies are not sure of what caused the fire.

Driver Rolls Through Stop Sign and Causes Accident in Odessa, TX

December 7, 2014—Odessa, TX: Authorities say the accident happened at about 8:30 Saturday night when the driver of a Jeep did not obey a stop sign at a rural intersection just east of Andrews, about 35 miles north of Odessa. A pickup truck traveling on Texas Highway 176 struck the Jeep and both vehicles were then hit by an eastbound 18-wheeler. 3 people were killed as a result of the accident. None of their identities have been made public at this time.

Driver Looses Control and Slams into Semi-Truck

December 8, 2014—Fort Worth, TX: A driver in Fort Worth was killed early Monday morning after he lost control of his vehicle and became wedged underneath an 18-wheeler. The crash occurred in the southbound lanes of I-35W at the ramp to eastbound Loop 820 around 5:20 a.m. Police say the victim is a male in his late 20’s.

Two-Vehicle Crash Near Gladewater, TX

December 8, 2014—Gladewater, TX: Two people were killed Monday afternoon in a two-vehicle crash near Gladewater. The fatal wreck occurred on Highway 271 at County Rd. 374 around 3:15 p.m. Texas DPS Trooper Jean Dark says the preliminary investigation indicates a Ford Explorer turned left into the path of the semi-truck. Both the driver and passenger were pronounced dead at the scene.

Pick-up Truck Crashes into 18 Wheeler Full of Farm Machinery

December 10, 2014—San Angelo, TX: A man died at the scene when his pickup truck was crushed between an 18-wheeler a piece of heavy farm machinery and the pickup caught fire, authorities said. The four-vehicle crash Tuesday evening occurred near Goodfellow Air Force Base, Department of Public Safety Trooper Shawn Baxter said. The man, whose name hasn’t been released, was driving behind a cotton-harvesting machine, Baxter said. The pickup’s hazard lights were on, he said. The 18-wheeler, which was hauling peanuts, slammed into the back of the pickup, which in turn hit the harvester.

Truck Accident in Corpus Christi, Texas

December 19, 2014—Corpus Christi, TX: The grandfather of a 7-year-old girl died during a wreck with an 18-wheeler semi truck on the Joe Fulton International Trade Corridor, Port of Corpus Christi officials said. No further details of the accident have been released at this time.

Truck Veers Sideways and Crashes into 18-Wheeler

December 24, 2014—Limestone County, TX: A teenager died and his younger brother was seriously injured Wednesday morning in a crash involving their pickup truck and an 18-wheeler on State Highway 7, east of Kosse in rural Limestone County. Lane Smith, 18, of Huntsville, who was driving the eastbound Toyota Tacoma pickup, died after the truck veered into the westbound lane and collided with the oncoming 18-wheeler. His brother was critically injured in the accident.

Truck Driver Not Wearing Seatbelt Passes Away

December 29, 2014—Orla, TX: DPS said John Charles Mendoza, 53, of Bisbee, Arizona was driving an 18-wheeler along U.S. Highway 285. DPS said the 18-wheeler left the roadway for “unknown reasons.” DPS also said it appeared Mendoza tried to get the truck back on course. He was not wearing a seatbelt and he was pronounced dead at the scene.

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