Deadly Thanksgiving Day Crash On Texas Highway

DEADLY THANKSGIVING DAY CRASHWhat should have been a time of happy Thanksgiving Day family gatherings turned deadly and tragic for many people driving on Interstate 10 outside of Beaumont, Texas. Two people died and more than 80 people were injured when approximately 140 vehicles crashed into one another in a chain reaction early Thanksgiving Day morning.

The two individuals that died were husband and wife; their Chevy Suburban SUV was crushed by a tractor-trailer. More than 80 people were transported to area hospitals, and at least 10 people sustained serious injuries, said Jefferson County Sheriff Deputy Rod Carroll. He also stated that the fog in the area was so thick that deputies didn’t understand when they first arrived on the scene that they were dealing with multiple accidents. He described the scene as cars on top of cars.

The accident caused an eight-hour closure of the highway. The dense fog also caused accidents on the other side of the highway as well.

Our thoughts are with the families and friends of the victims. With the holiday season underway and the roads congested with holiday travel, we hope you will take extra caution when out on the roads.

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