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Our blog offer Texas accident victims the information they need now. Read our posts to learn more about your rights and options after you’ve suffered injuries because of someone else’s careless behavior. Find out what a legal case can mean for you and your family and learn more about how our experienced Bedford injury attorneys can help.

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  • Coping with Spinal Cord Injury Paralysis following an accident can be a complicated world to live in and make it difficult to focus on the future. Bedford attorney explains further.
  • What Classifies Catastrophic? If you suffered a catastrophic injury at the hand of someone else’s negligence, how does the law define the severity of your damages?
  • Most Dangerous Month to Drive According to recent studies, September produces more traffic deaths per vehicle mile traveled than any other month.
  • Safety Benefits of Journey Management Journey management requires utilizing a decision-making process to avoid unnecessary driving and help manage the risks drivers face while they are on the road.
  • Fun on the Fourth: Avoiding Injuries on Independence Day Alcohol, fireworks, driving & boating can prove to be lethal combinations for Fourth of July revelers. Here are tips to keep you safe this Independence Day.
  • Cruising Cautiously From smart cruise control to automatic braking, these newest car safety features are something you should look for when shopping for a new vehicle.
  • Fools on the Fast Track Dangerous car crashes have increased during COVID-19 isolation due to open roadways allowing foolish drivers to speed and engage in reckless behavior.
  • Fun, Sun and Safety Despite how much fun summer is, it’s a season full of potential injuries. Attorney Brad Parker talks about potential injuries and how to protect yourself.
  • Coronavirus and Your Personal Injury Claim Bedford attorney highlights some of the ways the COVID-19 pandemic might affect personal injury claims and how to overcome these obstacles.
  • Empty Highway, Heavy Foot There may be fewer drivers on the road during the pandemic, but surprisingly there has been an increase in deadly car crashes. Bedford attorney dives deeper.