Breaking Out Into Song Could Increase Your Risk Of Accidents

SingingSinging your favorite songs while driving could raise your risk of becoming involved in an accident. According to new research out of Australia published in the Journal of Accident Analysis and Prevention, drivers who sing while operating a motor vehicle may heighten their risk of an accident.

Researchers looked at how driving abilities were impacted by singing or listening to music in the car compared to driving with no music at all. Twenty-one drivers were put through a simulation study. They were tested on their concentration levels while driving and listening to music.

The researchers found that drivers listening to music or singing along with the radio were much slower to respond or react to emergency situations, compared to drivers who had no music on in the car at all. Singing, it appears, draws attention away from the road, and drivers who sing in the car were much more likely to vary their speeds. Drivers listening to music also drove slower compared to drivers who were not listening to music while driving.

The researchers concluded that the most attentive drivers were those who did not listen to music in the car.

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