It Can Wait: New Driving Campaign Aimed at Teen Drivers

Texting while drivingAT&T wants to keep all drivers safe, but knows that teens are particularly susceptible to distracted driving. That’s why it has launched an anti-distracting driving campaign deemed “It Can Wait”, that encourages teens to avoid sending or receiving text messages while driving.

In a survey by the company it found that although approximately 97% of teenagers know of the dangers of texting while driving, almost three-quarters of them admitted that they and many of their friends frequently sent and received text messages while driving. Nearly 89% of the teens admitted that they frequently replied to text messages within 5 minutes of receiving them, whether they were driving or not. A surprising discovery was that 77% of the teens said they had seen their parents texting while driving.

AT&T has asked all of its customers to pledge to avoid texting while driving and has also called on manufacturers of phones to invent apps to help block calls and text messages to get involved in the effort

We hope you will join us in making the pledge to stop texting while driving.

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