AAA Study Reveals Double Standard Among Drivers

AAA StudyNew research reveals that many drivers have the double standard of “do as I say, not as I do” when it comes to safe driving behavior, a study by the AAA Foundation reveals.

Most drivers view speeding and drinking and driving as threats to personal safety of themselves and others, and are in favor of laws that restrict such behaviors; however, many of them still engage in them.

The AAA Foundation study revealed the following:

  • Drinking and Driving: Fourteen percent of the participants in the study admitted to driving at least once in the past year when they thought their alcohol level might be unsafe or over the legal limited.
  • Cell Phone Use: More than one in four drivers admitted to typing or sending a text message or email while driving in the past month; and more than one in three read a text message or email while driving in the past month.
  • Red Light Running: Nearly two out of five drivers drove through a traffic light that just turned red when it was possible to stop safely in the past month.
  • Drowsy Driving: Nearly one in three admitted to drowsy driving where they fought to keep their eyes open during the past month.

The staff at Parker Law Firm urges every driver to practice safe driving habits while behind the wheel and to be aware of other drivers that may not be doing so.

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