4 Out Of 5 Drivers Admit To Distracted Driving

Distracted drivingA recent survey conducted by Harris Poll revealed that four out of five drivers admitted to some form of distracted driving behavior. Among the 37 behaviors included in the survey that put drivers, passengers and others on the road at risk were texting, talking on a cell phone, snacking, drinking, and applying makeup.

Using Cell Phones Is The Most Frequent Form of Distracted Driving

The most frequent distracted driving behavior on the list was taking a cell phone call. The survey showed the average American motorist talks on the cell phone at least 11 times a month. Drinking beverages were the second most frequent distracted driving behavior at eight times per month. Texting ranked third most frequent averaging at least five times per month. Some also admitted to sending emails at least three times a month.

The survey found that men were the most frequent distracted drivers compared to women, and younger drivers were also much more likely to be at risk for distracted behaviors. If you have been injured in a distracted driving accident call Parker Law Firm today at 817.440.3888 to discuss your case. 

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