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Injuries are always difficult to deal with, but they become significantly troublesome if they resulted from another individual's wrongdoing. At Parker Law Firm, we understand that people matter and we have been providing aggressive representation for injured Texans since 1985. When you retain the representation of our team, we can immediately begin to investigate your case and develop a personalized strategy to ensure that you receive the compensation that you deserve.

With the guidance of a Fort Worth personal injury lawyer from our firm, you can increase your chance of securing a desirable resolution to your case. Our lawyers understand the need to aggressively pursue the best possible result for each of our clients. If you find that you are facing any of the following concerns, feel free to contact a personal injury professional from our team right away.

Auto Accidents
Each year, thousands of drivers are injured in serious auto collisions. The injuries that an individual can sustain from these accidents can be devastating. When you work with an attorney from our firm, you can pursue the compensation you deserve after an accident.

Trucking Accidents
Trucks are large, fast-moving vehicles that greatly outweigh passenger cars and can cause serious damage and injuries to victims when involved in an accident. If you have been struck by a truck, you need to contact Parker Law Firm today!

Tornado Damage
Texas is no stranger to storms. Each year, hundreds of Texans file insurance claims following natural disasters. If you are having a difficult time obtaining the insurance compensation you deserve after sustaining damages in a tornado, Parker Law Firm can help.

Hailstorm Damage
In addition to destructive tornadoes, Texas has been known to get severe hailstorms. Hail can cause serious damage to vehicles and homes and can even cause significant injuries. If you are looking to receive compensation from an insurance company following a hailstorm, contact our team right away.

Brain Injuries
If you or a loved one is suffering a devastating traumatic brain injury, you may be able to obtain compensation. If the injury occurred as a result of an accident or another person's negligence or wrongdoing, a Fort Worth personal injury lawyer can help you pursue financial assistance.

Wrongful Death
Death is never easy, but when the death is caused by another individual's reckless, negligent, or illegal behavior, you may be able to file a wrongful death lawsuit. If you are grieving the sudden loss of a loved one, contact Parker Law Firm today to determine your eligibility to file and see how it can benefit your family during this difficult time.

Insurance Bad Faith
Insurance companies are required to act in "good faith" and provide compensation to policy holders in a timely and professional manner; however, there are some cases of companies acting in "bad faith" and failing to provide policy holders with compensation. If you are victim of Bad Faith Insurance practices, Parker Law Firm can help!

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At Parker Law Firm, we are proud to have assisted countless individuals throughout the years. Our dedication to each client and the commitment we have to excellence is unwavering. If you have been injured, or a loved one is suffering from a serious accident, you need to contact a Fort Worth personal injury lawyer from our team right away. Any questions or concerns you may have can be directed to our lawyers by contacting our firm and scheduling a free initial consultation with our team.

Our top-rated personal injury law firm proudly represents clients throughout Fort Worth, Denton, Dallas, and the surrounding areas of Texas.

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